Helping College Athletic Departments with the World of Social Media

We work with your athletic department on the topic of social media and social analytics.  Our areas of focus cover all aspects of your athletic program. Our agency extends its focus to the profound effect social media has on colleges not only through their student athletes and coaches but also through ticket sales, advancement, alumni and fan interaction.

When a student athlete makes a mistake that lands your institution on the front page of newspapers throughout the country, it is not only the student athlete who suffers, but the standing of the entire team, department, and the college or university itself. Today’s social media is a dominant tool that cannot be combatted simply through the occasional lecture, but one that requires a calculated strategy.

Social Mavens understands collegiate sports, coaches and athletic departments! We’ve researched best procedures and techniques, and adapted the most efficient suite of services to deter the increasing threat of social media.

Prepared for when the Stakes are High


How much of the social media conversation are you controlling? It has a huge impact. We track sentiment, influencers and key words / terms. This is advanced social media and extremely useful data. In some cases we monitor specific student athletes but we typically monitor a team or athletic department.

  • Ticket Sales, HS Applications & Alumni Donations – all influenced online
  • We will identify who the biggest, on-line, influencers for your program are
  • Monitor all social media platforms, in realtime
  • Monitor posts for offensive content by flagging cautionary keywords


We will provide you with complete and extensive social media guidelines for your student athletes. We work with outside legal counsel when necessary.

  • Our research is thorough and ongoing as the landscape is constantly changing
  • We will supply you with a complete set of social media guidelines
  • Ethical standards and your philosophy will help guide the document
  • Complete with examples of do and don’t posts


There is tremendous pressure that society puts on our student athletes and most people don’t see this. We can help prevent student athletes from making that dreading bad choice of an inappropriate post on social media. Of course, social media education is so important. We have multiple ways to work with student athletes.

  • Present compelling storylines, inappropriate posts and their consequences
  • Discuss underlying pressures of social and the real people they have effected
  • Explain eye-opening statistics related to actual behavior on social media
  • Discuss the dangers of emotional, spontaneous posts
  • Remind students of who they can trust when it comes to social media concerns

Gutsy & Effective in Dissolving Boundaries


The NCAA says #clickdonttype. We understand what HS athletes look for in a college. Why not build a social media campaign around recruiting! We can help.


Coaches are admired by their athletes. Coaches must be trained and trained separately from the student athletes because each group of student athletes are different. Different by gender and different by sport. Social media is part of a student’s life and the coaches should understand the implications.

  • Provide overview on fundamentals of social media
  • Inform coaches of social media best practices for student athletes
  • Provide a “social media toolkit” on all relevant social media topics
  • Discuss underlying pressures caused by false realities/expectations of social media
  • Reinforce the need to train throughout the season on each aspect of social media
  • Create a plan for coach and peer mentoring


Is your institution prepared for the day an inappropriate post is made and a scandal erupts? We can develop a complete and thorough (document) plan that outlines exactly what to do, if that bad news ever hits. You will be prepared.

  • Implement proactive education to prevent the chaos of a social media scandal
  • Develop a damage control plan to deal with any future social media mistakes
  • Help to implement a damage control plan when social media issues arise
  • Act as a consultant for any social media concerns

At Full Attention Even on the Calmest of Nights


We provide turnkey, social media campaign ideas that your department can implement. These campaign ideas reflect your brand and mission. Most importantly they engage your student athletes, fans and students. Our clients love this!

  • Complete with campaign names and hashtags
  • We can assist in implementation, if required


Social Mavens can work with student athletes who will have a professional career after college. A positive social media profile can help in the following areas; salary, signing bonus and endorsements. We create and maintain the appropriate social profile for the student athlete. If needed, our commitment can be ongoing.


Relentlessly Pursuing Tangible Results